Alicia About

Benefits I’ve Experienced

Improved, Strong Digestion
No more Migraines
No more Chronic Headaches
PMS vanished
Menstrual Cycles are a Breeze
Clear Skin
More Energy
Stronger Endurance
I’m Happier

Improved Vocal Ability
Stronger Immune System
No longer experience the common Cold & Flu
Nail Fungus Gone
Hair & Skin Quality Improved
No More Dental Plaque
Spend LESS Money
Improved Relationships

About Alicia

I’ve been following a raw food diet since March of 2009. I spent the majority of my life suffering with digestive maladies, acne and many other health issues, trying every possible solution under the sun to no avail. When I discovered a raw food lifestyle, it changed my health dramatically and increased the quality of my life beyond words. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but I am, and always have been, passionate about health, wellness and spirituality. I hope to influence others to increase the quality of their life, health and well being by sharing my story and knowledge. I am a singer, songwriter and musician, and spent years performing live, sometimes close to 200 shows a year. I released several independent albums and wrote, performed and produced my most recent album, Moon Over Mars. Find it on iTunes HERE.

Moon Over Mars 3 inClick album to listen

The Raw Synergy Team

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