Bellicon Rebounders

The world’s best Mini-Trampoline

Not all rebounders are created equal. In fact, there’s no other rebounder on the market like Bellicon. It is the Rolls Royce of rebounders.

The creators of the Bellicon had your body in mind when designing this incredible fitness gear to give you the ultimate rebounding experience.

There are three different sizes to choose from and the option of foldable legs but the most impressive feature of this amazing product, the thing that makes Bellicon stand out from the rest, is its use of bungee ropes instead of coil springs to give you the most delightfully smooth deceleration and acceleration while you’re bouncing, preventing the back pain and joint pain that typically comes from jumping on your average rebounder. Plus, it’s whisper quiet in motion.

If you’re one of those people who strongly dislikes working out, you may suddenly change your mind after trying the Bellicon rebounder. Not only is it fun, it’s easy!

The benefits are MANY!

Lose Weight
Tone up
Lubricate Your Joints
Strengthen Your Bones
Enhance Your Immune System
Improve Balance and Coordination
Improve Digestion
Strengthen Your Entire Body
Relieve Stress
Strengthen Your Back

Q: Hi Alicia! I saw your Bellicon rebounding video. What model did you purchase?

A: I bought the 44″ Bellicon Classic, extra strong, with folding legs. I feel like there’s plenty of room to jump on this one, it’s strong enough for my husband to use it too
and I can still tuck it away when not in use.