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How To Stay On A Raw Food Diet

People often think I have really strong willpower, but my success with the raw food lifestyle came from an intense desire to always feel good after a lifetime of feeling bad. I strongly despise not feeling well and when I learned I held all the power to control how good or bad I felt, I became more motivated than ever to stay on a raw path knowing that was my ticket to feeling good all the time.

When I look at bread, pasta, pizza, cake, cookies, etc., all I can think about is how bad it will make me feel. If I did eat one of those things, I know it would take days or maybe weeks for me to recover and I just don’t have any interest in putting myself through that torture. I literally feel addicted to health and feeling good!

Rather than indulge in dense or unhealthy foods that are difficult to digest, I would much prefer to eat high vibrational foods like raw zucchini pasta, raw crackers, a raw dessert, raw pizza or a raw wrap instead, to keep my energy and vibe in a really positive, happy place. My goal, whenever I had a craving for a cooked food in the beginning, was to find a raw recipe version of that food or meal. I basically made a deal with myself that I would always find a raw alternative before ingesting something that would make me feel bad.
Pasta 4 pizza 4
In the very beginning, I had cravings for popcorn and things with vinegar like pickles and savory salad dressings. I would allow myself to have some vinegar or a few handfuls of popcorn if I just couldn’t get past the craving and eventually, I learned how to make kale chips which diverted my attention from the popcorn. Last year, I went back to using raw apple cider vinegar because I found so many benefits from using it and, it is raw after all. (See video on my personal experience and benefits of consuming raw apple cider vinegar here)

I think all my cravings for sweets and chocolate went away because my diet now consists of mainly sweet fruits. The only time I ever started to experience cravings for cooked or unhealthy food was when I didn’t eat enough fruit throughout the day. So, I learned to always enjoy plenty of fruit at every meal.
pear pie Peach cake 4
Now that my sweet tooth is satisfied with delicious, nutrient dense fruits, I have absolutely no desire to binge on junk anymore.

My suggestion, if you are struggling to stay on a raw food path, would be to try the following:
1. Load up on the best fruit you can find and make sure it’s ripe when you eat it 
2. Always be prepared with plenty of quality food at home and when you’re on the go
3. Find recipes for the raw food version of your favorite snacks and cooked meals
4. Make a deal with yourself to always choose the food that will make you feel your best and support your health & wellbeing
5. Find support in a raw food group in your local community, such as www.meetup.com or online

You veer off the diet because you can. So, find a reason why you can’t stray. It really is just a decision you adhere to, such as not cheating on a mate, not stealing, or simply deciding to brush your teeth twice a day. Make a commitment to yourself and then follow through by being prepared. That may mean going shopping twice a week instead of once a week or waking up a half hour early to prep your food for the day. 
wrap 4x7
Don’t let any rules of raw food rule your life. Make changes where you can and take the necessary steps to make this lifestyle work for you. If you need extra support, I’m happy to help through one on one consulting

If a raw food lifestyle is something you desire, with the right mindset and preparation, I know you can do it!

Have questions about succeeding on a raw food or plant based diet? Ask here, and I will answer your questions here on the blog
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  1. Camilla

    hi. I suspect i have stongyloides because of symtoms. How to rid yourself of this?

    • admin


      My husband and I both had strongyloides and the only thing that got rid of it was a parasite zapper. My husband used the Basic Zapper and I used the Terminator Zapper. Did you see my blog on parasites? https://www.rawsynergy.com/parasites/ There’s a lot of helpful information in it about parasites and how I got rid of them.

      If you’re interested in getting a zapper, you can find them here: https://squareup.com/store/raw-synergy

      Or for international sales, click here: https://rawsynergy.com/international/

      If you have questions, you can send an email and we will get back to you quickly: https://www.rawsynergy.com/contact/

      Sending lots of healing wishes your way!


      • Camilla

        thanks for replying. Yes i read your blog abiut zapper that’s why i contacted u. I’m a bit skeptical about it working though: ). What symptoms did u have of stongyloides? I feel nauseas now..for a couple of month my symtoma subsides.began humaworm which helped a lot. But now when im been without hw i start to feel like before i started using them in January ..stool test come back negative so drs don’t believe i have them.

        • admin

          You’re welcome.

          Believe me, we were very skeptical too. I had a little bit of discomfort in my hips and joints, digestive issues and I just didn’t feel right. My husband on the other hand, had extreme joint pain and swelling throughout his body. He was practically bed ridden. His hands were so swollen, he couldn’t make a fist. The doctors thought he had rheumatoid arthritis. He tried prescription meds and herbs for the parasites but it didn’t do much. We were amazed that after a month of using the zapper he was completely better.

          Most people receive false negatives when they get tested for parasites by their doctor because the tests the doctors use aren’t as comprehensive as the ones utilized by specialized labs who really know what they’re doing when it comes to testing for parasites.

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