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What To Eat On An All Raw Diet

If you’re like me and a raw food diet completely makes sense to you, and you’re ready to jump in to this lifestyle head first, you might be wondering, “What do I eat now?”

Here is what works for me along with some helpful tips to guide you through the process:

1. Fruit for breakfast, fruit for lunch and some fruit for dinner. That may seem like a lot of sugar to some, if this has you worried, check out my FAQ page to alleviate any concerns.

Fruit is the ideal food for humans. It’s full of nutrients, fiber and water. It looks and tastes great without having to alter it by cooking or adding anything to it in terms of salt or other seasonings, plus, it’s easy to digest.

The idea is to eat simply for best digestion, more energy and vitality, overall health and wellness, and especially for convenience. Mono meals are a great way to achieve this. A mono meal is when you eat one type of food for a meal until you’re full or completely satiated. It can be a meal of just melon, just grapes, just mangoes, just figs, etc. Mono meals are always best because your body doesn’t have to work so hard trying to digest a variety of different things. It can easily digest one type of food, especially fruit which is higher in calories than vegetable matter which will keep you satiated longer. It’s quicker and faster to digest than anything else, leaving you with plenty of energy and vitality to accomplish everything in your day while feeling great! There will be no mid day crashes, just a steady stream of energy.

Pick a fruit you love, it can even be a big liter of fresh squeezed orange juice, which has been a morning favorite of mine for quite some time. Fruits that are in season locally, are usually best, especially when allowed to ripen on the tree or vine. However, many tropical fruits like bananas and mangoes that are affordable and convenient, are a great choice as well. Reach for the fruits that make your mouth water just thinking about them, fruits that smell good and that you feel good about eating. Let your body be your guide. Often, you’ll be drawn to what your body is actually needing in terms of nutrients, especially once you’ve been eating this way for a while.

If you don’t know what you like, start buying and trying new fruits to see what you do like. Visit your local farmers market for the freshest, tree and vine ripened fruits. Many of the vendors will often offer samples, if this is allowed in your area. Or go to your local health food store and ask the produce workers if you can try some fruits that are ripe and in season. Most likely they’ll be happy to cut open some fruit and offer you samples.

If you want to eat a variety of fruits, greens or other foods at each meal, it will be best for your digestion if you properly combine your foods. You can learn more about this in my video here: 

Some people prefer to juice their fruits and greens, especially when their digestion is sluggish or they’re wanting to do some deep cleansing and healing. Juicing is a great option to explore and there are lots of books, articles and videos out there if you choose to take this route. There are many ways to experience a raw food diet. Personally, I have found a higher fruit diet, that is relatively lower in fat to be the best for my health and body.

Guide to Proper Food Combining

And you can also purchase this awesome guide called The 80/10/10 Reference Guide for convenient reference of what fruits and foods combine well together and which ones don’t:   

For your evening meal, having some fruit before a big, green salad or savory vegetable dish is often a great way to satisfy your hunger, before getting the necessary minerals from your vegetable meal. The consumption of greens are important for obtaining the mineral content we require for optimal health and wellness. If you don't care for greens or vegetables and prefer to just eat fruit, supplementing with a product like www.dailygreenboost.com can be a great way to get those necessary nutrients without having to eat your vegetables. I take two heaping tablespoons of this product a day and still eat my vegetables because I really enjoy eating them but want to make sure I'm getting all the right nutrients since much of our soil is often depleted in many ways from unhealthy farming practices. This is just good insurance in my opinion.

One of the many reasons I love eating an all raw diet has to do with energy that is contained within the food. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, and each thing, including you and me, as well as every thought we think, vibrates at aCherry tomatoes different frequency which can be physically measured in hertz. Raw fruits and vegetables are very high vibrational foods and when you eat them, you raise your own vibrational frequency, which means you're going to feel better, lighter, more alive and have more energy. Dense, fatty, cooked processed foods, alcohol, drugs, including most pharmaceutical medications, and I'll add to this list - negative thinking, speaking poorly of others, foul language, etc.  - are all low on the vibrational scale and won't make you feel so great. Raw fruits and vegetables that are locally grown and harvested with love and care are going to be even higher on the vibrational scale than foods that were farmed on a grand scale and trucked half way across the nation, taking days or sometimes weeks to reach the produce section of your grocery store. If you have the ability to grow your own produce, even if all you have is a small space for a few containers on your balcony like I do in the photo to the left, that's a great way to save money and grow delicious high vibrational, healthy food that will nourish your body in multiple ways. If you've never grown your own food before, you have no idea how amazing food can truly taste! There's nothing like home grown produce. Pictured are Sungold cherry tomatoes.

For more ideas on what to eat, and to see what I typically eat during different seasons, check out some of my "What I'm Eating" videos below.

What I’m Eating Now All Raw *Summer 2015*

What I’m Eating Now All Raw *Winter 2015*

What I Ate Today On An All Raw Diet

What I Ate Today On An All Raw Diet

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